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My Self-Healing Journey

Two years ago, if you asked me about healing and what I thought that looked like for me, I probably wouldn't be able to answer that question. I didn't know what healing was or where to even begin because I didn't think that I needed to heal from anything. I always figured that my personality and experiences were set and there was no changing that.

I remember always feeling lost and confused as if there was no place for me in this world. I was just merely existing rather than living. My emotions were consuming in every aspect of my life, I felt anger, irritation, annoyance, rage, etc. but I never knew where these emotions came from or where to even channel them appropriately.

I stumbled upon a YouTube video one day wanting to find my "purpose" in this world and hoping that the answer to that question could be found in this video. This led to a spiral of binge-watching YouTube videos on healing, mental health, spirituality, HSP and so much more. It was at this moment I realized that maybe I couldn't find my "purpose" in this world because I had no idea WHO I REALLY WAS in this world.

At this moment I knew that the answer to all my questions didn't come from videos or friends, they didn't come from family or the need for acceptance, the only way to get the real answers I wanted was to dive into my mind and get them from within. This was when I decided to start my self-healing journey and release all the things that no longer served me and whom I wanted to be as a person. Join me as I go through this self-healing journey and as I figure out who I am and what I am called to do in this world.

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