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"Shamicka is so nice for helping with my dislike for water. I haven't been able to drink a lot of water because I don't like it. Flavorless. With a technique, she was able to help me want water more than I want juice. Right after our session I drank so much water without any disgust. I went from going days without drinking water to drinking water at lease once a day. Which is a huge deal for me. Thanks so much Shamicka." 

Jer'maine Brown


Working with Shamicka has helped me to gain a lot of perspective on my life. She was understanding and allowed room for me to talk about what was bothering me. By talking it out I was able to see where I wanted change in my life. Through her techniques and guidance I was able to figure how and where I could implement the change I wanted to see. I am very appreciative of our session! 

Peace Morris

Lotus in Bloom

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