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Business Wednesday's

When Leena Gordon (Creator & Director) first introduced Business Wednesday to Facebook, I can admit I was very intrigued. Business Wednesday is a group of talented, like-minded business owners who came together and used their resources to help promote and support each other's businesses.

Leena Gordon is a fellow Entrepreneur, a Mother, and the Owner of two successful businesses in the Fort Lauderdale and the USVI area. Leena posted the idea of Business Wednesday as an inquiry on Facebook in an attempt to see who would be interested in participating. The responses behind the post were truly inspiring, after gathering 10+ businesses to participate, Leena formally launched a group on Facebook Messenger introducing Business Wednesday and this was the beautiful beginning of the groups union.

Cravingzllc. An eatery based in the Fort Lauderdale area serving mouth watering global cuisine with an authentic Caribbean flare. Book us for all your catering services. (754) 271-8425

VI Shipping Solutions. Private shipping service curated to the residents of the USVI. VISS bridges the shipping restrictions between the USVI and US mainland.

Business Wednesday was a very inclusive group that provided space and acknowledgment for businesses wanting to promote their content and the products they sell. It was home to so many small businesses coming from all parts of the world with the purpose of introducing our businesses to each other's community. I was truly inspired by the dedication and commitment of all the participants that took place in the group activities, but also by the dedication and commitment Leena put into making sure that every business felt seen, heard, and acknowledged on their day to be featured!

When asked what her inspiration behind creating the group was, Leena stated,

"As a fellow entrepreneur, my inspiration for Business Wednesday was to create a space where like-minded individuals like myself could come together, share ideas, tips, and knowledge as well as utilize our social media platforms to reach a fresh set of consumers. My idea was- while we may share common friends on our social media platforms, we each have an entirely different algorithm that determines what we see each day; the goal was to utilize the platforms of fellow entrepreneurs to place our businesses in a fresh set of eyes which would hopefully attract new customers. For many of the businesses that participated, that goal was accomplished! I'm truly thankful to each of the entrepreneurs that took part in this experience and hope to bring this back on a larger more organized scale."

Featured Businesses/Contact info for Business Wednesday

As the group was nearing the end of the business roster, I knew that this was something that I had to bring awareness to. I wanted to bring awareness to this group and the efforts of Leena Gordon in creating this group. One of the main components of becoming a successful business owner is marketing, and in my opinion, Leena did an amazing job at creating an effective marketing alternative for many business owners who participated in the group. This goes to show that support doesn't always mean purchasing something. Support can come from anything, even something as little as sharing a social media post can bring so much awareness to a small business and its services! If you find yourself in the area of any of these businesses make sure to stop in and show your support.

And always remember it takes a village to support a business, how can YOU show support to your local businesses today?

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