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My Story

Since 2021, Shamicka has been working as a certified Transformational Soul Purpose & Spiritual Life Coach. She specializes in helping people cope with trauma-based emotions.

Shamicka grew up with extreme sensitivity. She always felt things on a deeper level than others closest to her. She was always free-spirited and unconventional in the way she approached life. 

Shamicka grew up the second of six kids. She was always the quiet child buried in a book or different forms of the creative element. Her mother considered her the "inside child," always deep in her imagination. She enjoyed tending to her loved ones. This brought her a sense of peace and comfort. For years she watched her mother suffer at the hands of DMV and mental disorders. This ignited her passion for women's empowerment and advocating for mental health. Growing up in poverty and facing trauma never stopped her from constantly trying to be the light people needed when their life seemed dark.

Although she enjoyed writing, creating stories, and healing, she decided to take the path most traveled to fit in with society. At a young age, Shamicka entered the healthcare field. She joined nursing school shortly after high school. While this job was exciting, she still desired to do more. She took a year off from school to "relearn" herself and figure out her true passion and purpose. 

Shamicka first learned about coaching shortly after the pandemic. She was going through a rough breakup that left her struggling to find her identity and place outside her relationship. This was the beginning of her healing journey. After deep introspection and self-discovery, she realized she was burying her emotional trauma behind years of learned coping mechanisms. She began diving into the coaching world. She practiced techniques on herself to help her release the trauma that came from her childhood. She went inward and realized her trauma shifted her perception of the relationships in her life. 

In 2021 she took the first step into her coaching career by getting her certificate through IAP Coaching Academy. Later that year, she joined the ELEVATE Method and received her certification in NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, Life and Success, Human Design, and TIME Techniques. In 2023, she received her accredited certificate in Spiritual Counseling from POBA. She also received her Accredited Meditation Diploma from CTAA. 

Today Shamicka uses her incredible gift of insight and intuition to help guide people in their emotional healing. She offers a new spiritual perspective and teaches Emotional Wellness tools from her workbooks that facilitate empowerment and a consistent connection to the aligned self. 

Shamicka's Certifications

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 *Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a licensed therapist. My work is a collection of coaching and healing certificates. If you feel you suffer from a medical or chemical issue, I can refer you to the appropriate treatment. 

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